Responsibility is a key value for us. Both in business and community relations.

We believe that every company should responsibly deliver business strategies and, as it benefits from its business setting, it should give something back. We adhere to this philosophy by taking care of the natural environment, local community and business partners.

We implement the CSR program on 4 planes.

Pro-environmental activities

Protection of the natural environment by reducing CO2 emissions, waste management, and staff education.

Social contribution activities

Participating in initiatives supporting people and animals.

Pro-employee activities

Taking care of working conditions and the improvement of employee specialist qualifications.

Pro-business activities

Supporting local companies and small entities by purchasing their goods and services.

Care of the natural environment is about our permanent attitude, and not about isolated incidents.

We let it show in a number of activities we engage in every day:

  • Our warehouses are fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting, thanks to which every month we reduce CO2 emissions by 38.5 tons.
  • We select our fleet on the basis of low CO2 emissions in accordance with Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, thus minimizing the negative impact of transport on the natural environment.
  • Our warehousing services include management of returnable packaging, which significantly extends its life cycle and delays the recycling process.
  • At all our company branches, we implement a consistent recycling operation. Each employee understands its significance and participates in it.
  • We educate our employees on environmental protection; we provide Eco Driving training for our drivers. As a result, our team members understand the importance of proper care for the natural environment.
  • We are in partnership with conservation campaigns – in 2017 we were an exclusive logistics partner of the Stop Wastage Culture Campaign, and so we delivered recycled paper books to 314 county libraries in Poland and collected more than 4 tons of waste paper. 
  • We implement social responsibility by providing financial and organizational support for associations and foundations working on behalf of people and animals. We support numerous organizations that fulfil this mission, such as:
  • Przystań Ocalenie Foundation
  • To expand our animal support area, in 2017 we registered our own foundation which aims at helping animals which live in adverse conditions or are abused by their owners.
  • La Fauna Animal Foundation 

At KMC-Services we believe that people are the lifeblood of every organisation.

That is why we feel so special about the fact that a great many employees have been part of our team for years.

We take care of good working conditions for the members of our team, and they provide high-quality services and order fulfilment to our clients.

  • We are in full compliance with the Code of Good Practice and IWAY standards.
  • As part of our own "We Eat Polish Fruit" program, every day at every branch of our company fresh fruit from Polish orchards is available for all the employees.
  • We support young people by organising student scholarships, thus giving them a career leg-up and affording on-the-job experience.
  • We abide by the principle whereby business is about mutual help - all the more so if we are neighbours. That is why, quality permitting, we make our purchases from local businesses whenever possible.

To support enterprise, we are also involved with business organisations. Ms Katarzyna Chabinka, the CEO of KMC-Services, is a member of the Executive Board of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, and the Polish Association of Logistics Managers.