„As part of the work undertaken, an analysis and evaluation were performed, with regard to variant calculations for the projected warehousing facilities. The analysis results presented by the KMC-Services Sp. z o.o. consultants enabled a choice of the right direction and the best solutions for Animex.The performed analysis was conducted in a professional and satisfactory manner, the consultants displayed great flexibility, cooperative skills and a flair for establishing relations with our employees, which resulted in a swift and seamless workflow.”

Artur Stypułkowski, Supply Chain Optimization Manager

"Given the continuing development of the Lajkonik company – a leading manufacturer of salty snacks – we find the conceptual design of the new high-storage warehouse to be another major challenge. As we are aware of the importance of logistics operations, which are an indispensable “bloodstream for any heart, that is manufacturing” – we decided to engage the services of KMC-Services, a company experienced in this type of tasks. The project was challenging inasmuch as in a short time we were required to analyse a large amount of data, plan a series of workshops involving the employees, as well as to combine all this with technological solutions presently available on the market – the entirety of this work was to be done in less than 2 months. Thanks to the flexible approach, a lot of experience and attention to detail on the part of the KMC-Services associates we were together able to devise a warehousing concept that will serve the Lajkonik company for many years to come.”

Tomasz Skwarczyński, Head of Supply Chain and Procurement

Are you planning to construct a new warehouse or convert the one you have?

Do you want it to reach the highest possible level of optimization?

Do you expect the future warehouse operations to be the most efficient?

Are you having a hard time preparing the investment in an optimal way and choosing a subcontractor?

We will help you thoroughly prepare the process and choose a contractor.

What is more – we will design your future warehouse with future operations in mind, and suggest a contractor to build it.

We cooperate with developers and construction companies specializing in warehouse design and construction – both in the BTS and BTO system. For every single project we select a partner whose competence, location and track record are best suited to the planned investment.

However, before the warehouse body design stage gets underway, we suggest that workings and operations in the future warehouse are designed first so that the building is optimally adjusted to the operations, and not the other way round. Why is that so important? There are many companies that may serve here as negative examples whereby the design and construction of the warehouse body before designing the operations have given rise to losses – in both the warehouse efficiency and finance. The former ones result from the necessity to adapt the operations to the existing warehouse body, while the latter ones – from the necessity of conversion, and time wasted while putting it in place.

We offer services including:

Design of comprehensive operations in the future warehouse.

Design of infrastructure (e.g. shelving, mezzanines, warehouse trucks) in the future warehouse.

Design of the warehouse body in keeping with the operations requirements and the budget constraints.

Assistance in purchasing land to develop.

Construction of BTS and BTO warehouses.

Assistance throughout the process of contractor selection.

Ongoing logistics counselling.

Are our services safe?

Our clients, for whom we have been implementing warehousing systems all over Poland, know this for sure. Our design work is based on our own and our clients’ experience, which is not only grounded in theory, but also in practice. Testimonials to our quality performance are available on request.